Joining God in the renewal of all things... 

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Welcome to ReNew!


We are a new church community gathering in the central business district of Newark, sharing an intense passion to see the gospel transform the lives of the people in our city, and praying for its flourishing and good.  We envision a city rich with cultural diversity, innovation and generosity, coming together to form strong families and relationships.


“Connecting people to God....”

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Time + Locations

We would love for you to join us on an upcoming Sunday! We are currently meeting weekly for Worship on Sundays @ 10:30 AM at 77 Academy Street in Newark. Click Events for our special announcements and launch date.

Our Mission

connecting people to God and each other

Our Vision

Our vision is to join God in the renewal of all things and to see the power of the gospel transform lives, through personal conversion, community formation, and the pursuit of social justice.

We are committed to: 1) creating opportunities for individuals to grow in their understanding of just how much God loves them; 2) praying for hearts to awaken to the beauty and splendor of Jesus; and 3) developing a thriving community of believers in the city of Newark that inspires its neighbors, coworkers, friends, and families to discover and grow in their relationship with God.


Connect With Us

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